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Our Projects

At Kyddie Kares, we are dedicated to making a positive impact on the world one community at a time. We are a non-profit organization that focuses on providing resources to Saint Louis County communities and surrounding areas. Our main goal is to combat childhood hunger through various projects and initiatives. We believe that every child deserves access to healthy food and a bright future. Our projects include food drives, community gardens, and partnerships with local schools to provide free lunches for students in need. We also organize fundraising events to support our cause and raise awareness of the issue.


We partner with local schools to provide free lunches for students who come from low-income families. Our goal is to ensure that every child has access to a nutritious meal during school hours. We believe that this not only helps combat hunger but also improves academic performance and overall well-being.


We organize fundraising events throughout the year to support our projects and raise awareness of the issue of childhood hunger. These events include charity walks, galas, and auctions. We also partner with local businesses and organizations to maximize our impact.



Our community garden projects aim to promote healthy eating habits and provide fresh produce to families in need. We work with volunteers to set up and maintain community gardens in different neighborhoods. These gardens offer a sustainable solution to food insecurity and promote community engagement.


Our food drive projects aim to collect and distribute non-perishable food items to families in need. We organize food drives in different locations and work with volunteers to sort and distribute the collected food items. This helps ensure that families have access to food during times of crisis.


We rely on volunteers to make our projects a success. If you're passionate about making a difference in your community and want to join our cause, please sign up to volunteer with us. We offer flexible volunteering opportunities that fit your schedule and interests.

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